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Padideh Mashinsazi Gharb Company

Padideh Mashinsazie Gharb Company (PMG), a subsidiary of Padideh Shimie Gharb Company under the name of Golrang Industrial Group, was established in 2012 (1391, Iranian Calendar) . It began its activities by designing, manufacturing and installation of sulfonation and sulfation with a capacity of 2 tons/hour in Eshtehard Industrial Complex in Alborz province and completed the project successfully in less than 9 months. Establishing the manufacturer of detergent powder under the name of Active started in 2013 (1392, Iranian Calendar) with capacity of 5 tons/hour and was ready to use in 2014 (1393, Iranian Calendar). At the same time, project of heavy powder with capacity of 2 tons/hour was successfully done and delivered to its foreign customer in less than 6 months. Finally, the company was registered as an independent company in 2014 (1393, Iranian Calendar) in order to perform engineering projects from all over the country. At the moment, “sulfation 2” project in EPCC form is under installation process in Eshtehard Industry Complex.






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