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Washing Liquids

Washing Liquids

Washing Liquids

    The production line of detergent consists of multi-purpose reactor in the form of a batch. The liquids are added to the reactor with a determined formula. The reactor has the capability of adjusting temperature and spinning. Water and shallow active materials are major parts of detergent liquids which are added to reactor with the help of PLC. Some other liquids which make the small partial of formula are weighed separately and then added to formula. Other parts of the required solids are added to the system by hand or automatically. The order of adding materials, cooling and heating the batch is significantly important regarding production process. After that, produced liquids are transferred to packaging section.
    Padideh Mashin Sazie Gharb Company is able to design, manufacture and install all the detergent powder plants with different capacities in any country in the world.

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