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Sulfonation Plant

The aim of this plant is to produce surfactant from organic substances like linear Benzene Alkyl, fatty alcohols, fatty Esther by using sulfonation and gas sulfation SO3.

Air flows into the plant through a blower and it cools off until most of air humidity transforms into condensate and it dries in silica gel.

Melted sulfur is pumped into a furnace using dozing pump. Then sulfur reacts with dry air as two non-aligned circulation, it turns into oxide and produces SO2 gas. SO2 cools off from 700 to 420 degrees centigrade and goes through convertible tower which is made of 4 layers of catalysts and thermal converters which are located between different layers. So2 transforms into oxide in this tower and then transforms into SO3.
This gas cools off too and it is sent to sulfonation section with 3 to 5 percent of density in the air. The interaction between raw organic substances (Benzene Alkyl and …) and SO3 happens inside reactor pipes. It is a pyrogenic reaction and for a specified period, produced sulfonic acid is heated with extra heat and then it becomes stable and after that, it is sent to storage containers. The capacity of this container is 13200 tons a year. Padideh Mashin Sazie Gharb Company is ready to do all the sulfation and sulfonation projects in the whole country with cutting-edge technologies.







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